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      • 01

        CMC Food Grade

        CMC is widely used in food industry, it plays the roles of taste improvement..

      • 02

        CMC and PAC for oil drilling

        PAC and CMC can reduce water loss, and increase viscosity in drilling fluid, cementing fluid..

      • 03

        CMC Toothpaste Grade

        CMC has an efficiency of adhesion and molding when used in toothpaste...

      • 04

        CMC Ceramic Grade

        CMC can be used in ceramic body, glazing pulp, and fancy glaze. Used in ceramic body...

      • 05

        CMC Printing And Dyeing Grade

        CMC has been widely used in printing and dyeing..

      • 06

        Organoclay for oil drilling

        Organoclay is organically modified bentonite used as a gelling and viscosifying agent for primarily diesel-based drilling fluids...

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